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Exchangers are possibly one of the most important and widely used pieces of equipment found at various industry sites. 

Regardless of the industry in question, it will possibly require some type of temperature regulation. That is when exchangers come in.

They can be used for heating or cooling, but, in the industrial sector, especially at refineries and plants, they are often used for cooling. In this article, you will learn what is an industrial heat exchanger, how they work, and the industries they serve.

Tubular style industrial heat exchanger

Example of a tubular-style heat exchanger.

How Does an Industrial Heat Exchanger Work?

Industrial heat exchangers are pieces of equipment that exchange or transfer heat from one medium to another. The heat exchange might be the main purpose of heating up elements or cooling the elements down.

A single phase heat exchanger typically involves two flowing fluids separated by a solid wall. Many heat transfer processes encountered in industrial settings involve composite systems or a combination of conduction and convection.

Heat is first transferred from the hot fluid to the wall by convection, through the wall by conduction, and from the wall to the cold fluid again by convection.

In the industrial sector, cooling tends to be used more often to prevent volatile substances or equipment from overheating. There are different types of heat exchangers, each with its own benefits. However, each is tailored to suit different industries and purposes.

Industries That Use Heat Exchangers

The following are just some of the many industries that require heat exchangers to regulate temperatures.

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Who is Isotherm?

Isotherm is a custom manufacturer of specialized heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and packaged systems for various industries. These include refrigeration, marine, oil and gas, process, and renewable energy. 

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