Isotherm, Inc.

About Us


Isotherm is a custom manufacturer of specialized heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and packaged systems for various industries such as refrigeration, oil and gas, process, and renewable energy. We are based in Arlington, Texas.

Founded in 1999, Isotherm has been a reliable supplier to domestic and international clients and continues to be the premium manufacturer whose main goal is to establish long-term partnerships with its customers. 

The company has about 50 employees and is run by professionals with doctoral degrees in engineering with an emphasis on enhanced heat transfer.

We offer various heat exchangers such as shell and tube, plate and frame (gasketed, semi-welded, brazed), shell and plate, pressure vessels, vessel packages, refrigeration skid packages, ORC packages, CNG packages, waste gas process and compression skids, and customized special-application packaged units.

While we offer these custom-manufactured products, we also provide service work, such as (but not limited to), re-tubing and other repair work for related products, whether built by us or by other manufacturers. 

160 TR shell and tube flooded evaporator

Our products are constructed with various types of materials: most common are carbon steel, stainless steel 304 & 316, titanium, and copper and copper alloys. We also have experience in utilizing duplex steel, Alloy 20, and various exotic materials. 


Isotherm continues to develop new, innovative heat exchangers. And we are firmly committed to working closely with our customers to deliver fast, step-by-step improvements.