Isotherm, Inc.

Ultra-Low Charge “Red Water” Re-Chillers for Poultry Application

Click here to download the Ultra-Low Charge Red Water Re-Chiller Brochure

A patented design with the least refrigerant charge evaporator in the industry today! The controller maintains a precise temperature reading. All key items are adequately insulated.

  • No Pumps or moving parts
  • 5-10 times less Refrigerant Charge per TR compared to Pumped Spray Chiller
  • Simple Oil Management
  • Design per ASME with “U” stamp and rated up to 300 psig
  • The chiller can be supplied complete with valves and control system on a stainless skid or as a Stand-Alone for field installation
  • Canadian Registration (CRN), PED (CE Marking), or Australian 1210 can be provided