Isotherm, Inc.

Ammonia Vertical Recirculator Vessels

Ammonia Vertical Recirculator Vessels are all primed up and ready for shipment to California! Here are the following sizes: (1) 96” x 132” (OAH of 156”) (1) 60” x 132” (OAH of 148”) (1) 42” x 132” (OAH of 144”)

Isotherm Inc. at IIAR 2024

The International Institute of All-Natural Refrigeration (IIAR) Annual Conference in Orlando, FL has kicked off! We are excited to see some familiar faces and hopefully some new faces! We also look forward to talk about our new products and ideas regarding our low charge enhanced heat transfer products, especially regarding CO2! See you soon at […]

Understanding Pressure Vessels

Understanding Pressure Vessels Pressure vessels are versatile containers designed to hold fluids or gases under high pressure, finding indispensable utility across a multitude of industries. Let’s go over how these vessels are employed in various applications:  Chemical Processing: In chemical plants, pressure vessels play a pivotal role in storing and transporting chemicals and reactants used […]