Oil and Gas

Isotherm, Inc. is globally known for providing high quality customized products. Building on this reputation, we offer an extensive line of custom fabricated products and related services.

We possess strong capabilities to identify, fabricate and supply customized equipment to meet the client’s scope of work. Following is a typical list of products and services that we can offer:

Oil Processing

  • Separator Packages
  • Oil Stabilization and Fractionation
  • Shell-Tube and Plate Heat Exchangers

Gas Processing

  • Hydrocarbon Dew point Control
  • Dehydration Plants
  • Gas Recovery Plants
  • Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide Removal and Sequestering Plants
  • Tail Gas Clean-up Packages
  • Separator Packages
  • Scrubber Packages
  • Shell-Tube and Plate Heat Exchangers


  • Shell-Tube and Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Pressure Vessels and Columns
  • Storage Vessels