Marine Refrigeration

Isotherm, Inc. is a world leader in Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) and Brine Freezing systems. Our latest innovation is an ultra-low charge patented chiller called “SX”. It has proven to be the lowest charged chiller in the market.

On the other hand our conventional Shell and Tube Flooded Evaporators, Spray Evaporators, Condensers, and Oil Coolers constructed with Titanium Tubes, Titanium Clad Tube Sheets, and Carbon Steel shell are still the work horse of Marine industry.

We have lately announced ALL Titanium Water Heads with extended warranty eliminating the use of Zinc Anodes. Our conventional Shell and Tube DX Evaporators are constructed of Titanium Tubes, Stainless 316L Shell and Tube sheets. Products supplied to the marine industry are:

  • SX Low Charge Shell-Tube Chillers
  • Flooded Evaporators, Shell-Tube
  • DX Evaporators Shell-Tube
  • Falling Film Spray Evaporators Shell-Tube type
  • Condensers Shell-Tube
  • Sea Water Cooled Oil Coolers Shell-Tube type
  • Accumulators
  • Receivers
  • Oil Pots