Chemical & Petrochemical

Our equipment has been designed for various chemical and petrochemical applications such as chlorine liquefication, toluene cooling, methanol chilling, and condensing using water or glycol. 

We also note the importance of the design based on several factors that are common in this area, such as high temperature differences between the fluids, high pressures, and various other factors. Moreover, designs according to standards or codes other than ASME are important to note, such as TEMA, API 660, and various applicable standards/codes. Besides these, compliance of customer documentation for these specific chemical and petrochemical heat exchangers are what we really review and apply to our designs. 

Below is a list of some of our heat exchangers for this application. For any others related to chemical and petrochemical, please feel free to send your request for quotation for your heat exchanger required for your chemical & petrochemical project. 

  • Chlorine Liquefiers (Shell & Tube Flooded) – Design for ASME Lethal service offered if required by client
  • Glycol Chillers (Shell & Tube Flooded, Shell & Tube DX, Shell & Tube Spray, Plate & Frame Flooded)
  • Toluene Chillers (Shell & Tube Flooded)
  • Water Cooled Condensers 
  • Oil Coolers
  • Accumulators and Receivers